Pieta Marble Sculpture

Introducing Our Exquisite White Marble Pieta Sculpture We are thrilled to unveil a breathtaking addition to our Metropolitan Galleries collection—a meticulously carved white marble sculpture of the Pieta. This masterpiece, sculpted from a solid block of pristine white marble, stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic dedication. A Masterpiece Fit for the Grandest [...]

Custom Left & Right Bulldog Bronze Sculpture Pair

more information arriving soon…

Custom ‘Starbright’ Maine Coon Cat Bronze Sculpture

In the hearts of pet lovers, our furry companions hold a special place, weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives with their unconditional love and companionship. When our beloved Starbright, a majestic Maine Coon, graced our lives for an incredible 21 years, it was a journey filled with cherished moments and treasured memories. To [...]

Custom Bronze Deer Planter Urn Pair

In the realm of home décor and garden accents, few pieces evoke the rustic charm and timeless elegance of the deer motif. Imagine strolling through a lush garden, where bronze sculptures seamlessly blend with nature, adding a touch of sophistication and allure. At [Your Company Name], we are proud to introduce our latest creation: the [...]

Custom President of Liberty University Bronze Sculpture

In the annals of history, certain figures stand out—leaders whose influence reverberates through time, leaving an indelible mark on the world around them. Jerry Falwell, President of Liberty University, is undeniably one of those figures—a beacon of faith, education, and unwavering conviction. And now, thanks to Metropolitan Galleries, his legacy is immortalized in bronze, a [...]

Custom Kneeling Firefighter Bronze Sculpture

In the heart of Cobb County, Georgia, a masterpiece stands—a tribute to heroism immortalized in bronze. As the sun casts its golden glow upon the sculpture, it tells a story—a story of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of the firefighter. But behind its majestic presence lies a journey of craftsmanship and dedication, guided by [...]

Custom Medium Stags on Rock Bronze Sculpture Set

Experience the captivating beauty of nature with Metropolitan Galleries' newest creation—the exclusive Bronze Medium Stag on Rock Sculpture Set. Crafted with impeccable artistry using the traditional lost wax bronze casting method, this stunning sculpture set captures the essence of majestic stags in their natural habitat. Standing at a commanding height of 28 inches, each stag [...]

Custom Six Turtles on Log Bronze Sculpture

Step into a world where art meets nature with Metropolitan Galleries' latest exclusive creation, the "Six Turtles on Log" bronze sculpture. Crafted with exquisite detail through the traditional lost wax bronze casting method, this stunning piece captures the charm and serenity of six intricately designed turtles, each delicately perched on a lifelike wooden log. Standing [...]

Custom Saint John Bosco Bronze Sculpture

SRB10129 Bronze Saint John Bosco with Children Sculpture exclusively designed and produced by Metropolitan Galleries Inc. Art has the incredible ability to capture moments of profound significance and bring them to life for generations to come. In the case of a remarkable custom bronze sculpture produced by Metropolitan Galleries, the enduring image of Saint John [...]

Custom Margarita Mermaid Fountain Bronze Sculpture

The Margarita Mermaid: A Spectacular Custom Bronze Fountain Sculpture Art has the power to captivate and delight, and there are few creations more mesmerizing than a custom bronze fountain sculpture called "The Margarita Mermaid." Crafted by the talented team at Metropolitan Galleries based on a design by Super Duper Publications, this sculpture is a delightful [...]

Custom Arabian Oryx Bronze Sculpture Set

In the realm of artistic endeavors, Metropolitan Galleries consistently takes pride in nurturing long-standing relationships with our esteemed clients. Recently, we were approached by one such client, who entrusted us with a remarkable project: the creation of an exquisite Arabian Oryx sculpture for the newly constructed Ritz Carlton in Jordan. Situated at the crossroads of [...]

Custom Bear riding Tricycle Bronze Sculpture

For over thirty years, Metropolitan Galleries has been dedicated to curating and sourcing the most exquisite bronze statuary and fountains. Our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and artistry is evident in every piece we offer. Year after year, we invest in the design and development of our own creations, and one such masterpiece made its highly […]

Custom Gargoyle Bronze Sculpture

Within the realm of sculpture, few subjects possess the enigmatic allure and captivating presence quite like the gargoyle. At Metropolitan Galleries, we had the privilege of bringing to life a mesmerizing bronze gargoyle sculpture, a testament to the power of artistic expression. This extraordinary sculpture, born from the visionary concept of our associate Maxwell Taro, [...]

Custom Mythological Pan Bronze Sculpture

Welcome to Metropolitan Galleries, where every year we embark on a journey of creativity and innovation, designing and developing exquisite bronze sculptures that capture our passions and interests. In April 2022, an exciting opportunity presented itself when a new client, the proud owner of a sprawling botanical garden, approached us with a unique request for [...]

Custom Bronze Hand holding Earth Custom Sculpture

Lenny Peters Foundation Sculpture by Metropolitan Galleries Inc Having a vision is one thing, but to bring that vision into reality and help people around the globe takes great diligence and patience. For Lenny Peters Foundation, this custom bronze sculpture equipped with a stark white epoxy patina of a hand holding the earth is the finishing [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture of Mother Kangaroo & Little Joey

In tribute to the extraordinary kangaroos who tragically lost their lives in the devastating Australian wildfires of 2019, Metropolitan Galleries embarked on a heartfelt mission to honor their memory and celebrate their indomitable spirit. We are proud to present a magnificent addition to our product line: a life-size bronze kangaroo sculpture that captures the essence [...]

Custom Bronze Sculptures of Three Children Flying Kites

Are you on the lookout for the perfect spot to unleash the magic of kite flying? Look no further than the picturesque beaches of Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina! Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and an abundance of outdoor activities, this charming town beckons visitors and residents alike to indulge in the simple joys [...]

Custom Marble Pavilion Outdoor Living Space

Welcome to Metropolitan Galleries, where our creative expertise extends beyond bronze sculptures to encompass a wide array of exquisite offerings. Did you know that we specialize in crafting elaborate fountains and tailor-made outdoor structures, including magnificent wrought iron gazebos, captivating marble pavilions, and enchanting pergolas? Our commitment lies in transforming our clients' visions into tangible [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture of Deer Family of Three

At Metropolitan Galleries, we are passionate about creating breathtaking works of art that celebrate the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Recently, we had the pleasure of bringing to life a remarkable concept conceived by Cindy Bennett and Maxwell Taro—a magnificent deer family sculpture set. This life-size collection, expertly crafted by our talented animal [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture of Blazer the Black Bear Sculpture

Nestled amidst the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, a breathtaking landscape teeming with natural wonders, it is no surprise to encounter graceful deer and even the occasional majestic bear. However, amidst this wild beauty, there is one bear that possesses a unique allure—a captivating presence that captures the hearts of all who encounter [...]

Custom Bronze Boy Sculpture for Astronaut Camp Project

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their unparalleled ability to bring artistic visions to life, was approached by a creative development team working on an exciting Astronaut camp in Florida. The team sought to create an immersive experience for camp attendees, and a key component of their vision was a captivating walking boy bronze sculpture to be [...]

Custom Bronze Merboy Torchieres for The Bellagio

Las Vegas, the glittering oasis of excitement and entertainment, holds a special place in our hearts as one of our favorite destinations to escape to. The vibrant energy, dazzling lights, and the allure of casinos and lounges make it an irresistible haven for those seeking a thrilling experience. It is amidst this captivating atmosphere that [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture of Grandover Griffin

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their unrivaled ability to create awe-inspiring bronze sculpture masterpieces, received a special request from the esteemed Koury Corporation. Tasked with designing and developing a large griffin bronze statue, Metropolitan Galleries embarked on a remarkable journey to bring this majestic creature to life for the newly constructed Grandover Resort & Spa Neighborhood. [...]

Custom Marble Memorial Angel Sculpture

Metropolitan Galleries had the privilege of creating a truly remarkable carved marble angel memorial sculpture, a testament to the beauty and reverence that art can bring to honoring the departed. Crafted by our team of skilled craftsmen and artisans, this large hand-carved marble angel and its accompanying pedestal were meticulously designed and manufactured to serve [...]

Marble Lady Four Seasons | Boldt Castle New York

Metropolitan Galleries offers an extensive selection of marble sculpture, marble fountains and gazebos. We were given the opportunity to provide the marble tier fountain and marble lady four seasons sculpture set to Boldt Castle of New York for their newly renovated outdoor garden area. Boldt Castle chose a clean, large floral pattern two tier fountain, […]

Custom Bronze Sculptures of Governor Memorials Garrard County, Kentucky

At Metropolitan Galleries, we take great pride in our ability to bring history to life through the creation of stunning custom bronze sculptures. Recently, we had the distinct honor of producing life-size statues of four esteemed former Governors of Kentucky: James Garrard, William Bradley, Robert Letcher, and William Owsley. These remarkable sculptures, meticulously crafted by [...]

Custom Bronze Sculptures of Pledging Children Sculptures for America’s Veterans

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their artistic creations, undertook a special project to craft two exquisite bronze sculptures depicting a boy and a girl in a pledge. These remarkable sculptures have become familiar sights to visitors of Sunset Beach in North Carolina, proudly standing beside the American Flag within the picturesque Town Park. Within this enchanting [...]

Custom Marble Sculptures of Leland Stanford Mansion

It is a sorrowful sight to witness the gradual decay of some of the world's most remarkable historical sculptures over the passing centuries. However, there is hope in the form of expert historical sculpture reproductions. Metropolitan Galleries, a leading authority in the field, was entrusted with the task of recreating historical marble sculptures that had [...]

Marble Gazebo with Wrought Iron Dome

Metropolitan Galleries, a distinguished provider of carved marble and wrought iron gazebos, was approached by a local design firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, to create a truly remarkable addition for a luxury residence. The result is an awe-inspiring marble pavilion, a stunning work of architecture that adds a touch of old-world charm to the spacious […]

White Marble Tier Fountain & Basin

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their expertise in creating exquisite marble fountains, recently had the privilege of working with a client in Tennessee to develop a magnificent centerpiece for their large estate. The client’s vision was to have a grand tiered fountain in the center of their circular driveway, radiating opulence and elegance. With the expertise […]

Custom Travertine Swan Fountain with Basin

Metropolitan Galleries, a renowned expert in designing and installing elaborate marble and travertine fountains, recently undertook an exceptional project to enhance the grandeur of a Georgia Mansion. Their collaboration with the mansion’s owners resulted in the creation of a stunning custom travertine fountain, serving as the centerpiece of the mansion’s driveway. Let’s delve into the […]

Hummingbird Fountain Lynda Petty Memorial

In the midst of the indescribable anguish that accompanies the heartbreaking loss of a cherished loved one, navigating the path back to normalcy becomes an arduous journey. The absence of that special someone casts a profound shadow over everyday life, making each step forward a painful reminder of their absence. However, amidst this immense grief, [...]

Wrought Iron Balustrade Railings & Estate Gate

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision, recently undertook a remarkable project to enhance the grandeur of a mansion nestled in the beautiful state of Maryland. Their collaboration with the mansion's owners resulted in the creation of custom wrought iron railings, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to both the interior [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture of Alex Madonna atop Beloved Horse

Metropolitan Galleries, the leading experts in the design and development of custom bronze sculptures, had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Phyllis Madonna and her assistant, Cheri Humphries, at our prestigious showroom in Suites at Market Square in October 2004. Mrs. Madonna, enchanted by the magnificence of our cupid torchiere lampposts, shared a deeply touching story [...]

Custom Marble Pavilion for University Campus

Johnson Bible University, a prestigious educational institution dedicated to academic excellence and spiritual growth, recently unveiled a breathtaking addition to its campus. Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for its masterful craftsmanship and exceptional artistry, proudly presented a remarkable creation: a Marble Pavilion. Carved from pristine white marble and adorned with a captivating copper dome, this stunning 14-foot [...]

Custom Bronze Sculpture Kneeling Indian with Eagle on Arm

Life on this earth is a fleeting journey, reminding us of the preciousness of time. When we experience the loss of someone dear to us, the only solace we find is in cherishing their memory and treasuring the moments we shared. In the case of Norma Durnil, a valued client from Kansas, who tragically lost [...]

Sandstone Three Tier Fountain for Raffaldini Vineyards

Raffaldini Vineyards, nestled in the picturesque Rhonda, North Carolina, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and exceptional wines. To further elevate the aesthetic appeal of the vineyard, Metropolitan Galleries, a distinguished provider of exquisite fountains and sculptures, recently undertook a remarkable project. In collaboration with Raffaldini Vineyards, they developed and installed a stunning three-tier sandstone [...]

Iconic ‘Sea Fantasy’ Fountain

Metropolitan Galleries specializes in custom designed and developed bronze sculptures and fountains. Our company was founded in 1993 by Steven Bennett and his vision was for Metropolitan Galleries to be the leading sculpture dealer in the United States. This led to us not only working with bronze sculptures and fountains developed from a reproduction or […]