Custom Saint John Bosco Bronze Sculpture

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Custom Margarita Mermaid Fountain Bronze Sculpture

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Custom Arabian Oryx Bronze Sculpture Set

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Custom Bear riding Tricycle Bronze Sculpture

Metropolitan Galleries has spent the last thirty plus years developing and sourcing the finest of bronze statuary and bronze fountains. Each year we invest in designing and developing our own creations and this bronze bear riding tricycle made its debut in mid-August 2022. Created from the traditional method of lost wax bronze casting, a time-consuming […]

Custom Gargoyle Bronze Sculpture

Custom Whimsical Pan Bronze Sculpture

In ancient Greek mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks. He is also recognized as the god of fields, groves and wooded glens from his homeland in rustic Arcadia. He is connected to the season of spring and fertility and was often depicted as part of the raucously wild and unruly [...]

Hand holding Earth Custom Sculpture

Lenny Peters Foundation Sculpture by Metropolitan Galleries Inc Having a vision is one thing, but to bring that vision into reality and help people around the globe takes great diligence and patience. For Lenny Peters Foundation, this custom bronze sculpture equipped with a stark white epoxy patina of a hand holding the earth is the finishing [...]

Custom Turkey Bronze Sculpture

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Mother Kangaroo & Little Joey in Pouch

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Three Children Flying Kites

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by the Town of Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina to develop three bronze sculptures of children flying kites. These bronze children flying kite sculptures will be placed within the town's roundabout in June 2021. Our talented portraiture Dianne Ellis sketched out three individual children with different ethnicities, flying different styles [...]

Custom Marble Pavilion Outdoor Living Space

At Metropolitan Galleries, we're known for our diverse collection of bronze sculpture. Did you know that our products and capabilities extend to include elaborate fountains and custom outdoor structures such as wrought iron gazebos, marble pavilions and pergolas. We pride ourselves in taking our client's desired vision and turning it into a reality. Our architectural and engineering team designed [...]

Standing Spartan with Shield & Sword School Mascot

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Deer Family of Six Sculpture Set

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Bronze Blazer the Black Bear Sculpture

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)  to design and develop a walking black bear sculpture to be placed within a facility located at the North Carolina and Tennessee border. Our team began development of a clay mold of a life-size walking black bear sculpture, and upon revisions and completion […]

Boy for Astronaut Camp Project

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by a creative development team working on an Astronaut camp located in Florida to develop a walking boy bronze sculpture to be placed within the facility placed in walking position with an Astronaut exhibit. Our portraiture artist drew out the desired  boy sculpture concept from his posture to the details of […]

Bronze Torchieres for the Mayfair Supper Club

Las Vegas is one of our favorite places to plan an escape to. The energy, bright lights, casinos and lounges, whats not to love?! Metropolitan Galleries was approached by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS), who is famously known for their eclectic interior design style, especially within the new Mayfair Supper Club located inside the Bellagio [...]

Grandover Griffin Hotel Mascot

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by Koury Corporation to design and develop a large griffin bronze statue for the newly built Grandover Resort & Spa Neighborhood. Our late founder and artist Steven Bennett had heavy involvement with the design and production of this massive bronze griffin statue that sits atop a large roadway median stone pedestal […]

Carved Marble Memorial Angel Sculpture

Metropolitan Galleries was given the opportunity to provide our client with a beautiful carved marble angel memorial sculpture. This large hand carved marble angel and pedestal were designed and manufactured by our professional craftsmen and artisans. This marble angel sculpture represents a graveyard memorial to someone taken from this world before their time. Our skilled […]

Marble Lady Four Seasons | Boldt Castle New York

Metropolitan Galleries offers an extensive selection of marble sculpture, marble fountains and gazebos. We were given the opportunity to provide the marble tier fountain and marble lady four seasons sculpture set to Boldt Castle of New York for their newly renovated outdoor garden area. Boldt Castle chose a clean, large floral pattern two tier fountain, […]

Governor Memorial Bronze Statues, Garrard County, Kentucky

Metropolitan Galleries was approached to complete four bronze statues, honoring four of Kentucky’s Governors. From design concept to final installation, we began with the sketches of each governor to perfect details and fine tune the perspective of lines and scale. Developing a Custom Bronze Sculpture Our team of designer and sculptors can bring any idea […]

Pledging Children Sculptures for America’s Veterans

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Marble Sculptures of Leland Stanford Mansion

It is unfortunate to see some of the worlds most amazing historical sculptures slowly diminish over centuries of time. Luckily, we are the experts for historical sculpture reproductions. Metropolitan Galleries was approached with a need to reproduce historical marble sculptures that were destroyed in the Leland Stanford Mansion fire that happened several decades ago in […]

Marble Gazebo with Wrought Iron Dome, Raleigh, North Carolina

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by a local design firm in Raleigh, North Carolina to develop a carved marble pavilion for placement at a luxury residence. Our Marble Gazebo is a stunning work of architecture that completes this spacious back yard by providing a seating area and beautiful focal point. Marble gazebo pavilions really strike up […]

White Marble Tier Fountain & Coping

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by a client seeking to develop a large tiered fountain in the center area of their circular driveway for their large estate in Tennessee. Our talented engineer facilitated the initial design, groundbreaking and installation of this three tiered fountain carved in masha white marble.

Travertine Swan Fountain with Basin Installation

Metropolitan Galleries specializes in the design, development and installation of elaborate marble and travertine fountains. Our team of engineers and contractors worked to clear and level the ground, assemble and seal the fountain basin, installed the fountain section by section, and lay travertine tiles inside the fountain basin. With the largest variety of marble, stone […]

Hummingbird Fountain Lynda Petty Memorial

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by the Petty Family Foundation to design and develop a custom hummingbirds fountain for Lynda Petty's Memorial Garden. Our long-time portraiture artist Dianne Ellis sketched the fountain concept drawing for presentation and approval by the Foundation. The completed drawings were then used to cave the clay model of the fountain. Once [...]

Wrought Iron Balustrade Railings & Estate Gate

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by a property development group to create an assortment of ornamental wrought iron railings for placement inside and outside of a large mansion in Maryland. More information about this project will be available soon.

Alex Madonna atop Beloved Horse ‘Pebbles’

In October of 2004, the most charming lady, Mrs. Phyllis Madonna, entered the Metropolitan Galleries showroom inside Suites at Market Square, with her assistant Cheri Humphries.  Phyllis was mesmerized by our large cupid torchiere lampposts and she tearfully told me she had lost her husband, Mr. Alex Madonna this past April. She told me both [...]

Marble Pavilion for University Campus

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Kneeling Indian with Eagle on Arm

As most of us know, time on this earth is limited. When we lose someone special, the only thing we can do is put one foot in front of the other and reminisce the memories. For one of our Kansas clients, Norma Durnil, who lost her beloved husband Dr. William Durnil, decided to take the [...]