Hummingbird Fountain Lynda Petty Memorial

SRB099887 Bronze Two Tier Hummingbirds Fountain by Metropolitan Galleries Inc for Memorial Garden of Lynda Petty

Custom Bronze Hummingbirds Fountain for Lynda Petty Memorial Garden designed and produced by Metropolitan Galleries Inc

Metropolitan Galleries was approached by the Petty Family Foundation to design and develop a custom hummingbirds fountain for Lynda Petty’s Memorial Garden. Our long-time portraiture artist Dianne Ellis sketched the fountain concept drawing for presentation and approval by the Foundation. The completed drawings were then used to cave the clay model of the fountain.

Once the clay model of the fountain has been completed, the rubber molds are developed to begin creating the fountain through the ancient and traditional method of lost wax bronze casting.

After casting of the fountain parts, assembly and fine tuning details, a patina is fire-applied to the surface to give the fountain it’s luxurious finish color. The top finial with the flower and hummingbirds was painted by hand.

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