Disclaimer & Terms

I: Terms of Use

Metropolitan Galleries Inc. provisions the use of our content, including but not limited to written context, photographic images, videos, graphics, website content, social media content and other miscellaneous digital assets for sole, non-commercial use. Metropolitan Galleries Inc. reserves the right to terminate access to our services and content, as well as the possible criminal prosecution against violators of such terms under United States and International copyright laws.

II: Terms of Business

A: All merchandise back-orders require a 50% deposit.

B: All merchandise pricing and service pricing are subject to change without notice.

C: All merchandise orders require payment in full prior to shipment or pick-up of merchandise.

D: Check, Bank Wire and Major Credit Cards are accepted as form of payment.

E: Net payment terms are available for merchandise purchases over $5,000 upon approval for qualified buyers, including exceptional in-writing credit references.

F: Shipping & Handling charges are third-party and nonrefundable. Such charges are to be prepaid as mentioned in (section II-C).

G: All merchandise is carefully examined and passes a multi-point Quality Control (QC) inspection before shipment from our headquarters.

H: Merchandise not claimed after (60 days) from the original date-stamped merchandise invoice(s) are subject to a 25% storage fee. An additional 15% merchandise storage fee will be incurred over each passing annual quarter.

I: Metropolitan Galleries is a to-the-trade organization. Registration for buyers’ accounts are required to have documented information, including a valid tax identification number and certified reseller certificate.

J:  Incoming back-order merchandise via ocean freight are diligently scheduled for timely fulfillment, however, have the possibility to delay and/or change without prior notice. Metropolitan Galleries Inc. shall not be deemed responsible for unforeseen delays of back-order fulfillment including but not limited to ocean freight, air freight, United States Customs Agencies, and on-land transportation of merchandise to our headquarters.

K: Metropolitan Galleries does not purchase statues or fountains acquired from individuals. All products offered by Metropolitan Galleries are freshly produced from our foundries.

III: Damages & Returns

A: In the event merchandise arrives to the consignee with visible damage, it is the responsibility of the consignee to immediately report such damages to the shipping carrier, and Metropolitan Galleries Inc. upon receipt with photo documentation, date, time and delivery personnel information. All merchandise is visually, and QC inspected upon departure from our headquarters as mentioned in (section II-G). Metropolitan Galleries Inc. shall not be deemed responsible for damage of merchandise occurred by freight-mishandling and carelessness.

B: Orders placed with Metropolitan Galleries Inc. are processed instantaneously upon receipt. Therefore, order cancellations are subject to a 20% restocking fee and 10% administrative fee. Credit card charge-backs are subject to 3.5% of the charge-back amount. Metropolitan Galleries will not accept cancellation requests via voicemail, text message or e-mail.

IV: Additional Information

Care of Sculpture: Bronze Sculpture and Bronze Fountains require proper care and cleaning to maintain the original fire-applied finish. Bronze statuary naturally ages over time, more aggressively in coastal climates, beginning the growth of a beautiful blueish-green oxidation, commonly referred to as a patina. This look is often desired, however, can be prevented with gentle care, similar to maintaining the finish on an automobile. Metropolitan Galleries shall not be deemed responsible for the natural aging of bronze statuary, or damages to the fire-applied finish due to abrasive materials, chemicals and general carelessness.

Disclaimer: While Metropolitan Galleries represents numerous bronze sculpture and marble sculpture artists, including original Steven Bennett Bronze Sculptures, we are hereby not responsible for any sculpture representing similarity in shape or design. Discrepancies on such sculpture conflicts should be directed to the originating foundry where the sculpture in question was developed. Metropolitan Galleries shall not be deemed responsible for such conflicts as we are representing individual works of art as a broker.