Marble Lady Four Seasons | Boldt Castle New York

Metropolitan Galleries offers an extensive selection of marble sculpture, marble fountains and gazebos. We were given the opportunity to provide the marble tier fountain and marble lady four seasons sculpture set to Boldt Castle of New York for their newly renovated outdoor garden area.

Boldt Castle chose a clean, large floral pattern two tier fountain, carved from high quality marble stone by our skilled sculptors. This classic marble tier fountain (JBF814) is a delicate complement to the Lady Four Seasons sculptures (JBS445). Notice in the photos above how the fountain and sculptures do not obstruct from the natural beauty of the landscape and architecture of the castle.

Our team at Metropolitan Galleries can provide design assistance when choosing a sculpture or fountain for certain design applications. If there isn’t a sculpture or fountain in our product line that fits your project, we can develop custom sculptures and fountains from design concept to final completion. See the ‘Leland Stanford Mansion Project‘ where we produced marble sculptures from photographs and drawings of historical figures. For more information on developing a custom sculpture or fountain project, contact us at 1-800-929-1681.