Marble Sculptures of Leland Stanford Mansion

It is unfortunate to see some of the worlds most amazing historical sculptures slowly diminish over centuries of time. Luckily, we are the experts for historical sculpture reproductions. Metropolitan Galleries was approached with a need to reproduce historical marble sculptures that were destroyed in the Leland Stanford Mansion fire that happened several decades ago in Sacramento, California. We have the expertise and ability to develop stunning works of statuary developed from portraiture and sketches. Developing a custom marble sculptures can take anywhere from three to five months. A clay mold is carved first to adjust and finalize the vivid details.

Metropolitan Galleries provides photos throughout the entire clay sculpting process so the details can be adjusted and finalized before chiseling of the marble stone begins. Once the clay mold has been sculpted, our talented marble sculptors then make multi-dimensional measurements for chiseling into the slab of solid marble stone and creating the three dimensional work of sculpted art. This is an extremely labor intensive and time consuming method that requires extreme attentiveness to detail so not to make an incorrect chisel on the slab of marble.  Once the marble sculpture was completed, we then inspected, wrapped and crated this marble angel sculpture and it was installed at the cemetery.

The ‘Leland Stanford State Historic Park’ holds the original Stanford Mansion, once owned by Leland Stanford, Governor of California. Our talented and skilled artist Dianne Ellis provided drawings of the very few photographs we acquired. From design concept to sculpture delivery, Metropolitan Galleries is proud to have been involved with bringing back the historical feel to the Stanford Mansion with these historical sculpture reproductions. Check out the custom Marble Angel Sculpture we developed in dedication to a lost loved one. For more information on developing custom works of statuary, reach out to us at 1-800-929-1681.