Custom Arabian Oryx Bronze Sculpture Set

SRB10127 Bronze Arabian Oryx Sculpture Set exclusively designed and produced by Metropolitan Galleries Inc

In the realm of artistic endeavors, Metropolitan Galleries consistently takes pride in nurturing long-standing relationships with our esteemed clients. Recently, we were approached by one such client, who entrusted us with a remarkable project: the creation of an exquisite Arabian Oryx sculpture for the newly constructed Ritz Carlton in Jordan. Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe within the captivating Levant region, Jordan exudes a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. Bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and east, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north, and the Palestinian West Bank, Israel, and the Dead Sea to the west, this enchanting land serves as an ideal backdrop for our artistic endeavor.

As we embarked on this endeavor, our skilled sculptor, renowned for their prowess in capturing the essence of animals, took center stage. Armed with their expertise and passion, they transformed mere sticks and clay into a life-size masterpiece—an awe-inspiring representation of the Arabian Oryx. This elegant creature, with its regal stature and captivating presence, seamlessly took shape under the sculptor’s skilled hands.

The Arabian Oryx, also known as the white oryx, graces the sands with its medium-sized antelope form. Its most distinctive feature, a prominent shoulder bump, adds to its allure and imparts an aura of strength. Magnificently proportioned, the oryx’s long, straight horns command attention, drawing the eye to their intricate details. As if caressed by the desert winds, its tufted tail completes the portrait of grace and beauty.

This masterpiece stands as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision that define Metropolitan Galleries. Our sculptor’s dedication to capturing the essence of these majestic creatures is evident in every sculpted contour and finely rendered detail. The Arabian Oryx sculptures that now grace the newly constructed Ritz Carlton in Jordan serve as a harmonious blend of artistry and the natural world.

Through the synergy of our client’s vision, the captivating allure of Jordan’s enchanting landscape, and the artistic talent of our sculptor, this collaboration has yielded a masterpiece that transcends mere aesthetics. It is a testament to the power of art to capture the spirit of nature and evoke a sense of wonder within us all.

As you witness these life-size oryx sculptures adorning the Ritz Carlton, take a moment to immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Arabian Oryx. Allow the enchanting beauty and regal presence of these sculptures to transport you to the arid deserts of Jordan, where the spirits of art and nature converge.