Custom Bronze Sculpture of Alex Madonna atop Beloved Horse

Mr Alex Madonna on Horse Bronze Sculpture

Metropolitan Galleries, the leading experts in the design and development of custom bronze sculptures, had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Phyllis Madonna and her assistant, Cheri Humphries, at our prestigious showroom in Suites at Market Square in October 2004. Mrs. Madonna, enchanted by the magnificence of our cupid torchiere lampposts, shared a deeply touching story with us. Earlier that year, in April, she had sadly lost her beloved husband, Mr. Alex Madonna. The couple shared a profound love for angelic baby cupids, a theme beautifully incorporated into their hotel in San Luis Obispo, California. Mrs. Madonna perceived a meaningful connection in this serendipitous encounter and expressed her heartfelt desire for us to create a sculpture that depicted her late husband atop his cherished horse, Pebbles.

At Metropolitan Galleries, our team of experienced portraiture artists specializes in the intricate art of crafting bronze sculptures. Our long-standing expertise has earned us the reputation as masters of the industry. With great care and attention to detail, our highly skilled artist, Diane Ellis, meticulously crafted multiple artistic renditions showcasing Mr. Madonna and Pebbles. Mrs. Madonna generously provided us with her husband’s personal items, including his hat and belt buckle, ensuring the utmost accuracy in capturing his unique essence. Once the intricate renderings were completed, our dedicated artisans embarked on the process of sculpting the bronze sculpture mold, breathing life into this extraordinary memorial.

For further information on the development of our exceptional custom bronze sculptures, we invite you to explore the FAQ section on our website. Metropolitan Galleries takes immense pride in our commitment to creating timeless works of art that honor the memories and stories of our cherished clients.

From Mr. Madonna’s Obituary

Alex Madonna, whose highway construction, cattle ranches, philanthropy and world-famous Madonna Inn made him a legendary figure on the Central Coast.  Madonna, the grandson of Swiss immigrants, befriended business colleagues, politicians, educators, employees and even actor John Wayne. He was a self-made man who loomed large in the public’s consciousness. His easy sense of humor, fierce independence and, at times, dogged stubbornness further distinguished him.  He influenced hundreds of people and gave millions of dollars away quietly.  Besides the inn, his empire consisted of the Froom Ranch property where San Luis Obispo’s Home Depot is located, Broadway Plaza shopping center in Santa Maria, and several thousand acres of property in San Luis Obispo County, including about 2,000 acres surrounding San Luis Mountain. He also owned cattle and horse ranches around California and Oregon.  Among ranchers, Madonna was often referred to as “the host from the coast.”  Madonna’s construction firm built or repaved most of Highway 101 from Salinas to south of Buellton, as well as about 70 miles of Highway 46 and Highway 41 from Cholame to Fresno. As well, Madonna had a hand in resurfacing much of Highway 1 between San Luis Obispo and Carmel.  The inn itself was a major achievement. Famous for its pink decor, themed rooms, and whimsical cupid theme throughout.