Custom Bronze Sculpture Kneeling Indian with Eagle on Arm

SRB070085 Bronze Kneeling Indian with Eagle Sculpture by Metropolitan Galleries Inc Installed at Derby Library

Life on this earth is a fleeting journey, reminding us of the preciousness of time. When we experience the loss of someone dear to us, the only solace we find is in cherishing their memory and treasuring the moments we shared. In the case of Norma Durnil, a valued client from Kansas, who tragically lost her beloved husband, Dr. William Durnil, she sought to create something truly remarkable as a tribute to his legacy in one of his favorite places. Norma turned to Metropolitan Galleries, renowned experts in the design and development of custom bronze sculptures, to embark on a heartfelt endeavor.

Norma’s vision was to create a bronze statue that would embody the spirit of her late husband and find a place of prominence in front of the Derby Library, nestled within the center of a roundabout. This symbolic representation would serve as a lasting testament to Dr. Durnil’s passions and contributions. After careful consideration and collaboration, Norma and the team at Metropolitan Galleries conceived a concept that would evoke a profound sense of reverence and awe—a kneeling Indian with an eagle perched gracefully on his raised arm.

Metropolitan Galleries, with their unmatched expertise in crafting exquisite bronze sculptures, took on the task with utmost dedication. Their long-standing commitment to the art of sculpting and their specialization in custom designs set them apart as true masters of their craft. Through meticulous attention to detail and unwavering artistic vision, the team at Metropolitan Galleries brought the concept to life, capturing the essence of Dr. Durnil’s spirit and his love for the natural world.

The process involved the combined talents of the skilled artists and artisans at Metropolitan Galleries. From the initial sketches and conceptualization to the intricate sculpting and casting, every step was executed with precision and reverence. The result was a breathtaking bronze masterpiece that exceeded all expectations—a timeless tribute to Dr. Durnil’s remarkable life and indelible impact.

Norma Durnil’s collaboration with Metropolitan Galleries serves as a poignant example of the transformative power of art and the ability to immortalize cherished memories. Through their specialized craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to excellence, Metropolitan Galleries continues to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of clients seeking to honor their loved ones in profound and meaningful ways.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, longing to create a lasting tribute or explore the realm of custom bronze sculptures, we invite you to reach out to Metropolitan Galleries. With their exceptional expertise and unwavering passion for their craft, they are poised to turn your vision into a tangible work of art that will stand the test of time.

Remember, when we lose someone special, it is through these remarkable creations that we keep their memory alive, and they continue to inspire us for generations to come.

“Bill loved the library and thought it was a very important learning tool, so the memorial is very appropriate” said Norma from the newspaper article printed on November 11th 2009. Sculpture is a traditional and iconic way to memorialize someone by illustrating that something special and beautiful can be brought into existence in the absence of someone that brought an abundance of talent to this world.”