Custom Bronze Sculpture of Grandover Griffin

Metropolitan Galleries, renowned for their unrivaled ability to create awe-inspiring bronze sculpture masterpieces, received a special request from the esteemed Koury Corporation. Tasked with designing and developing a large griffin bronze statue, Metropolitan Galleries embarked on a remarkable journey to bring this majestic creature to life for the newly constructed Grandover Resort & Spa Neighborhood.

Founder and artist, the late Steven Bennett, played a pivotal role in the conception and production of this monumental bronze griffin statue. The vision was to create an awe-inspiring centerpiece that would capture the attention of all who crossed the threshold of the Grandover Parkway on Groomtown Road. Steven Bennett’s passion for his craft shone through as he dedicated himself to the intricate design and meticulous execution of this ambitious project.

The Birth of a Mythical Creature: Metropolitan Galleries embarked on the creative process by meticulously translating the envisioned griffin statue into detailed drawings. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the majestic nature of the creature, every aspect of the sculpture was thoughtfully considered and expertly captured. The drawings served as the blueprint for the clay mold that would give birth to this grand masterpiece.

The Transformation of Clay to Bronze: Once the drawings were finalized, the journey of the griffin sculpture began with the sculpting of a clay mold. Every stroke and contour painstakingly carved by the skilled hands of our artisans brought the creature to life. With the utmost precision, the final touches were applied to the original mold, ensuring that the sculpture embodied the essence and grandeur of the mythical griffin.

Embracing the Lost Wax Bronze Casting: The next phase marked the transition to the time-honored technique of lost wax bronze casting. This meticulous process involved the careful creation of detailed molds based on the clay sculpture. Molten bronze, poured into the molds, assumed the form and intricacies of the griffin, preserving every nuance and intricacy with impeccable precision. The assembly of the individual bronze pieces transformed the fragmented parts into a cohesive whole, ready to captivate all who beheld it.

The Finishing Touch: A Dark Brown Patina: To accentuate the sculpture’s depth and bring out its magnificence, a dark brown patina was meticulously applied to the griffin. This transformative step involved the skilled application of heat and flame to the bronze surface, creating a rich and nuanced coloration that enhanced the sculpture’s visual impact. The patina not only added depth and character but also served to protect the bronze from the elements, ensuring its longevity and beauty for generations to come.

The Resplendent Home of the Griffin: Finally, the grand griffin bronze statue found its resplendent home atop a large roadway median stone pedestal at the entrance of the Grandover Parkway on Groomtown Road. This commanding position serves as a captivating symbol of grandeur and welcome for all who venture into the realm of the Grandover Resort & Spa Neighborhood. The griffin’s commanding presence and majestic aura make it an unforgettable sight, igniting the imagination and evoking a sense of wonder.

Metropolitan Galleries’ collaboration with the Koury Corporation resulted in the creation of a magnificent griffin bronze statue, a true testament to the artistic vision and craftsmanship of our late founder, Steven Bennett. The awe-inspiring journey from design to production, the intricate process of lost wax bronze casting, and the careful application of the dark brown patina have all contributed to the resplendent beauty of this monumental sculpture. As it graces the entrance of the Grandover Resort & Spa Neighborhood, the griffin stands as a mesmerizing symbol of power, majesty, and the enduring artistry that resides at the heart of Metropolitan Galleries.

We invite you to witness the grandeur of the griffin bronze statue and experience the wonder it evokes at the Grandover Resort & Spa. As Metropolitan Galleries continues to create timeless works of art, we are always ready to embark on new and exciting projects that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impact.

If you’re inspired by the griffin statue or have your own visionary project in mind, reach out to us at Metropolitan Galleries. Our team of skilled artisans is ready to bring your dreams to life through the unparalleled beauty of bronze sculpture.